solar panels

Poncho's has several options to help his customers finance a solar project. Please read about the options and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.


Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union

10 year loan, 1st (2) years 0% interest, 5.9% remaining 8 years.

American Savings Bank

18 months, no interest, 6 months, no payments, loan converts to personal loan after 18 months.

Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union

for lowest payments, 15 year loan, 6.5%


*** You might also want to talk to your local bank or credit union regarding a low interest equity line of credit.


Testimonials and Awards

To Harness the Sun, Poncho's the ONE!

Poncho's Solar Services has very knowledgeable and customer-service oriented staff. ...

Are we happy with our new solar system?

Are we happy with our new solar system? ...

Awards from Hawaiian Electric

Ponchos Solar Services has been awarded the top solar installation business for the year 2008, and 2009. ...

Poncho's has A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Hawaii

The Better Business Bureau of Hawaii has given Ponchos Solar Services the highest or A+ rating. ...