Installation Process - Solar Water Heating

Poncho's Solar Services is always available to discuss your solar questions or requirements. Stop by one of our offices or see us at our booths at the local farmer's markets or arts and crafts shows. For the installation process for solar water heating, please review the following:

1. Pre-install questions to answer;

  • Do you have a south-facing area of roof or land that can accommodate your solar system?

A south facing roof will provide the optimum potential for your system. However, depending on your building orientation, other directions can also provide sufficient production.

  • Do you have any daytime shading issues on your south-facing space?

Shading by trees, buildings, etc. will have a negative impact on a PV system’s performance, if the shading issues cannot be solved, perhaps your property is not a good choice for solar. Poncho's can help you determine the impact of shading with a site visit.

  • Will you need to repair or replace your roof in the next 2 years?

No Problem. If Poncho's installed the system, we will remove and replace the system free of charge.


2. Site Visit

Poncho's will arrange with you to come out to your home or business and determine the best possible solution for you solar requirements. Poncho's solar engineer will determine;

  • Direction of the roof, type of roof, roof condition, and angle of the roof in order to best determine the solar panel requirements
  • Measure the roof surface to determine the square footage available for placing solar panels or solar hot water heating collectors
  • Determine if roof, or ground mounted systems would be best for the situation
  • Draw a plan of the roof or ground area to review with the best possible placement
  • Discuss the plan with you and determine the next steps


3. Installation

Prior to installation Poncho's will have submitted to the County and have obtained all the required permits, permissions and authorization (such as compliance with community CCR's)  in order to proceed.

  • Remove the old water heater and dispose of it
  • Install  a 110v GFI outlet and 220v quick disconnect.
  • Install roof supports, the correct type for the roof type, to place the solar hot water collectors on
  • Install the solar hot water collectors on the roof supports
  • Install the new hot water heater
  • Create and connect the new piping for the intake and output of the water to the new water heater
  • Weatherize and insulate all pipes and connections
  • Test and tune the new hot water system
  • Explain and demonstrate how to use the new solar hot water system
  • Clean up and leave you smiling with your new solar hot water heating system!!

Solar hot  water heater installation



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Are we happy with our new solar system? ...

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